Posters offered on this website are original vintage movie posters (unless clearly stated otherwise) made in Czechoslovakia / Czech republic. All posters are original and second – hand. Most of the posters are in perfect condition. However some of them are folded in the middle, and have some wears and tears. Please carefully observe the photo in the product detail. If there is some serious damage on the poster then we provide detailed photo of problematic part. We also stress such damage in the poster description.

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In the event that there will be a dispute between seller and customer which will not be resolved amicably then customer can contact competent adr body (Ceska obchodni inspekce – oddeleni ADR Stepanska 15 120 00 Praha 2 Email: Web: or online platform Purchaser contact seller with claims on above mentioned contact adress or via email Consumer rights and details regarding claims are specifid in the Czech Civil code (Act no. 89/2012). Purchaser and seller agreed that the legal gurantee is shortened to 12 months.

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